Feb 1, 2014

Oh Selena!

Kate nye Selena dah ada pengganti Bieber..
Austin Mahone, umur 17
Selena 21 tahun..

Taste muda2 je awok ni sel?
Takpe lah, awak cantik, awak nak kuar dengan sesape pun boleh..
Ye dak..

Saye tak kisah umur, yang penting die sayang saye.. tu je.. (tak tanye sudah)

Burn bebeh burn.. (A random rambling)

Checking my blog dashboard
I've seen lots of inactive blogs..
Aikk dunia blogging dah merudum ye?
Ke semua dah busy, takda masa nak update dah..
Blogger famous pun jarang update dah

Oh once in a while
I teringat dekat my friend sorang ni
Used to be my close friend
And then I dunno what happen
Stuff happen, we parted
Hey you out there, yes you!
Hope you're doing great, alive and kicking
Be careful with em sharks ;)
God bless

Did you know that
In life, akan ada pattern for everything
Its like a graph la
Someday, things will go downhill
but WHYYYY..
Well I know I'll try my best to make it work
Never stop trying..

Sometimes when you know something is wrong..
But you still do it..
But yeah, go on.
Break the rules..
In the end of the day, I got to say
"I told you so.."

I'm thinking about starting a vlog..
But then I got all lazy
To cover everything up, you know
Mana bole buat video tak tutup aurat

Good night~