Jul 23, 2010

What makes you look 10 years older

(abaikan this nonsense, tolong paham sy tnga boring and trase nk mumbling..)

Pakai kain batik

Pakai tudung endon/ariani/ibu arini/ibu esok lusa..

Pakai gold bracelet

Pakai sekop


Dukung baby

Begosip kuat2

Pkai pantyhose

Pkai bju telebih saiz


ape lg?


Bile kte sorg yg minat futbol

Bile kte sorg yg tau viral video 2

Ble kte sorg yg denga lagu 2

Ble kte sorg yg tau cite 2

I was so high

Now I'm solo

nobody to talk to



p/s: eduardo left arsenal for shaktar donestk.. i dun even know if i spell that right..

Jul 18, 2010

Ouh navas :D

this is a lazy - fangirling post

How come I only knew he exist in the 2010 World Cup??
where have those amazing eyes been hiding all these while??

ok those eyes are not that amazing after all..
they are breathtaking
is he a vampire or what??
:D hahaha..


Ok, bkan ke aku nk ckp psl movies in the previous post??
tbe2 terlencong plak kan..

so I've watched Eclipse..
nk review x??
ok sad to say, my wake up call came late..
on the third movie bru i found the movie laaaaame!!!

but i did enjoy watching Twilight and New Moon..
ble tbe dkat Eclipse..
it is like..
jacod, eddy..
this is bella's world, u two morons just live in it..
u do what u gotta do as long as she's happy..

and in Eclipse..
sgt bnyk cheesy scenes ok..
like -______-"
and wth Bella,
she's encouraging secret recipe before marriage!!
there's this scene where she asked Eddy for a choc indulgence..
and he was like..
nonono..its too dangerous..
:\ cheeeesy
what a great role model..

anyway, ape pun org ckp,
people gonna watch it jugak kan..
so pg la tgk..

2 in 1 and PoR-n?

Ok bukan milo 3 in 1..
tp 2 movies in 1 week.
here's the story

on Sunday evening tgk Eclipse..
ok maybe anyone yg friend aku dkat fb read my status
sounded something like this

"yey dpt tgk eclipse online"

that is like almost impossible, i know
sbb time 2 bru je keluar movie 2..
so aku search la then jmpe

The Twilight Saga Eclipse (2010) DVDRip XviD.[eng-sub ita].ViSiON

hit download!!
and viola..
semangat ni nk tgk..
filem blues clues upenye..
genius me..
how can I not expect that?

i hate porn
why do people even watch them??
ok tanak start lecture
i have 5 brothers
i had few encounters
malas nk ckp..

Jul 17, 2010

Azie's mum has got it going on.. :)

ini la mak sy..

tiap2 minggu sy blik umah nk jumpe beliau
klu rjin buatkan beliau facial
beliau mmg suke

lg beliau suke menjahit
tanam cili dkat tepi rumah
men game boy

ouh, btw she's 53 this year..
mak da tue, yeye..
sy syg mak sy
even x pnah ckp dpan2..
sy mmg dilahirkan mcm 2

Jul 16, 2010

WC 2010

Yeah, i know..
so last week..
x kire
nk ckp gak..
Spain mng!!!
see, told ya :P

and during celebration..
ok its a prank!!
jgn paksa fabs pkai barca okeh
not funny

p/s: yes, i did watch the final game although it ends at 4.30 am and i have class at 8 am :)

yeah, you..

Peh peh peh..

Hiatus mode!!
sorry dear bloggie..
i left you dusty..
kinda hectic this week..
pindah umah
kmas umah
intenet xde
bla bla bla
yada yada yada..

now i yem back

Jul 8, 2010

The Red Fury did it!!!

Spain msuk final, yay!!

Hero of the day:


Poyo of the day:


Pedro like it solo :D

And Paul..

pity you..

and the final is lookin good..
Spain can win this year..
or not


Jul 7, 2010

Tonite, tonite..

The Big Match

Germany vs Spain

espana duetch

don't you just love it when the two of your favourite things collide??

(recite this ala2 lady gaga in alejandro)

"ich liebe dich Deutschland
but u see..u've already got 3 stars up there..
Netherlands vs Spain
sounds like a more beautiful final
so.. i can't be with u anymore.."


I can has another 2 brothers?

Dear bloggie,
walaupon beta telah mempunyai 5 bijik abg
bolehkah mendapat lg 2?
preferably the two named
fabegas n pique

sesi peluk2

sesi gusti2

wlaupun sebaya..ketinggian berbeza :P

nape aku dlm flight xdpt duk sblah mereka :P

sesi gurau senda.. :D

ok stop posting picca..
lets talk serious fusbol
( '_' )

Cuteness overload..




source: ooburii

Jul 3, 2010

Arsenal New Kit

Drumroll pleaseee..


here it is!!

ok this is just the superimposed picca i got from
the real one kinda look like this..

back to the future?

Mcm zaman dlu je..
but here's the good to know fact..
it is made from plastic bottles!!
arsenal is going greeeen..

environmental friendly but slightly ug*y
things even out

ps: puas cri jersey spain yg local, sume tmpat either x de size or low quality.. i guess.. al-ikhsan it is..

Jul 1, 2010

We tend to get mad at everyone when we're angry..

Dear bloggie,

Arini aku duk carut seafood..
sbb mlm td aku duk garu2 kaki..
pastu bgun pagi aku duk garu2 tgn..
all red..

aku pon bukak la history aku..
last 3 days aku mkn sotong masak sambal..
mak aku masak..

then last 2 days aku mkn jempot2..
pnuh udang..
tp aku mkn sikit je udang..
bnyk aku bg kucing..
sbb tau aku mmg allergic seafood..

and then welcome itchy skin..
peh, annoying gle..
i try not to scratch..
tp mulut bising ngadu kat mak..

mak pun bwk pg clinic sume..
tp sblum tu aku cri kat internet dlu..
yelakan, aku lg suke jd dokter sndri, free..
xyah bayo..
then i found out the causes of this allergic reaction..

• Medication such as antibiotics, codeine, penicillin, sulfa, anticonvulsant drugs, phenobarbital, and aspirin

• Foods like shellfish, nuts, tomatoes, soy, chocolate, and berries

• Pollen

• Cat dander

• Insect bites such as bee ans wasp stings

Ok, the blue one.. i geddit..

tp pk2 blik kan..

oh man, the red one!!
i just realized.. -_-"

sorry seafood..
i blamed u blindly..
next time,
jgn nk salahkan seafood
jgn nk salahkan tay zonday
blame yourself la!!

(kate ku sambil mengunyah one bar of choc)
nom nom nom..

ps: choc bli kat nz da la sedap, murah n sedap plak 2 :P