Apr 24, 2010

If there's nothing wrong with them, must be something wrong with me.. hum..

Huh! Setelah selesai paper fluid mechanics, aq pun kembali ke bentuk asal.. laziness in the air!! mentang2 next paper ade 5 days gap.. pastu nnt da last minit bru nk study laju2.. adui..

Aaanyways.. its 5a.m now and whats the story morning glory.. ha, malam smalam kan.. ade la aq amik movie ni from my roomate.. movie melayu.. aq dnga movie ni dpt box office, bla3.. member2 aq yg da tgk pon kate best gle cte 2.. non-stop ktawe dri awal cte smpi abis.. wah, so aq pun smangat la nk tgk cte 2.. aq pun bukak la dkat laptop smbil duk atas katil..

and to my surprise (x surprise pun actually) for the first hour, expressi aq x berubah langsung.. just -_-.. err.. mne part yg klakar sgt 2?? sume lawak die obvious.. lawak jatuh, lawak bini garang.. buat aq terpk.. am I suppose to laugh or wat..

and to my un-surprise, yes, I can figure out the storyline after 5 minutes watching it.. yeah.. boy likes girl, girl never look at boy atas sebab2 stereotype, but at last girl realize boy sbenarnye more than that.. duhh!! eh lupe la.. aq x abis tgk pun cte 2 sbb ngantok sgt.. ye la kan, tgk pun atas katil..

then lpas da tutup tbe2 ilang plak ngantok.. haha.. then i try to study math, tekan2 calculator.. I was wondering.. terer gle bnde alah ni..tekan pape pun die bole figure out in seconds.. like, how it works?? does it store memories?? klu ye, sure besar gle2 memory die..yela, nombor smpi juta2..

so i googled 'how does calculator works' and found out the answer.. ouh.. anda nk tawu?? google la sndri :P

so, the conclusion is..

ok, call me pro barat or anything, but next time I'll think twice before watching any local movies..
I think I had much fun watching the cat playing keyboard :D

I am a curious cat.. but i hope curiosity doesn't kill me.. the important thing is to never stop questioning :)

ok, gotta get back to my books!!