May 22, 2010

How to be happy??

Post ini dibuat karena aku emo. Why?? Jgn tnye sbb aku pon tataw knape :D

  1. Be optimistic.. checked!! I am the most optimistic person I know :p yela, result poyo pun terima je.. hoping I will improve next sem.. like, my mum pun x bape kisah considering her beloved daughter ni x minat the field she's in.. tp she can't do nothing bout it, so just go with the flow.. I believe God has plans for me.. Great plans.

  1. Make enough money to meet your basic needs.. checked!! U know, my stand is, klu ade duit, simpan.. klu xde duit, duk diam2, makan mee sedap.. Klu nk bli something big, fikir dlu.. u know, i might want it so bad today, and not want it at all tomorrow.. sume tu nafsu smate2 :p money come and go, but glory lasts forever (x masal)

  1. Stay close to friends and family.. half-checked.. yg ni susa sikit la :( internal problemo.. enuff said.. tp i will try my best to be close to them jugak.. I'm a grown man.. :p

  1. Find happiness in the job you have now.. not so checked.. why?? ala..refer number 1.. tp.. i believe jgak nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first understood.. so.. hatiku akan dibuka seluas luas luas nye utk menerime sgalenye.. okeh!

  1. Smile.. checked!! i may not have the most pearly white teeth in the world.. but i love to smile.. just grin and bare it :E

  1. Get a friend. Maybe a girlfriend/boyfriend, to listen to you when you're sad.. on my way to checking.. yeah, i have lotsof friends.. good and to be continued..pnyakit tulis blog x abes :P