Jul 18, 2010


Ok, bkan ke aku nk ckp psl movies in the previous post??
tbe2 terlencong plak kan..

so I've watched Eclipse..
nk review x??
ok sad to say, my wake up call came late..
on the third movie bru i found the movie laaaaame!!!

but i did enjoy watching Twilight and New Moon..
ble tbe dkat Eclipse..
it is like..
jacod, eddy..
this is bella's world, u two morons just live in it..
u do what u gotta do as long as she's happy..

and in Eclipse..
sgt bnyk cheesy scenes ok..
like -______-"
and wth Bella,
she's encouraging secret recipe before marriage!!
there's this scene where she asked Eddy for a choc indulgence..
and he was like..
nonono..its too dangerous..
:\ cheeeesy
what a great role model..

anyway, ape pun org ckp,
people gonna watch it jugak kan..
so pg la tgk..

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