Aug 17, 2011

Sad stories

Hello blog!
long time no see
sorry I left you dusty for quite some time..
I was busy la
not busy dating with my malaikat ex..
but I've been on the road here and there..
sangat tired

and a couple of sad stories..
first, on the 15th of August..
monday morning, my sis called me
subuh lg masa tu..
I knew it when people call you subuh2 pagi or late at night, something bad must have happened..
and yes indeed something bad happened
her cat kena langgar and died :(

Husky is the nicest cat I knew..
time stay kat my sis house, when I stay up late
Husky selalu teman..
kalau aku online, die tidur depan monitor..
kalau aku tido bawah, die tido same..
and memang manja gile lah
bole kate he's a part of my sis family
kalau tak silap time aku sekolah lagi,
my sis belum kawin lagi dah ade Husky ngan Panda
Panda hilang tahun bila tah..
tapi Panda garang. tak manja mcm Husky.
anyway, dah ajal dia..
even sedih, kena terima jugak
RIP Husky :(

And next sad story is..

^this douchebag has officially transferred to Barca
lol just kidding, he's no douchebag
He's my favourite Arsenal player since I was in form 4..
rase2 kalau takde mamat ni aku tak terminat kat Arsenal dulu kot..
and now, I got no reason to watch fusbol anymore..

lagi 3 hari genap 3 tahun ayah tinggalkan saye.. :'(
I miss you ayah..
I really want to talk to you..
cried too much already :'(((

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