Nov 16, 2014



It seems all blurry to me.
But when I saw or hear something.
That brings it up.

Like an old photo,
Or a nostalgic song from that era.
It takes me back.
To that wonderful time of my life.

Ahh, I miss my childhood.
Wish I could see the playback.
Of my life during that time.
Well, maybe one day I could :)

But, on the other hand.
I can't help to ponder as well.
When I see and old pic of me.
Like, why do I look so silly xD

Somedays I look like a greaseball.
With a funny big hair (or simply crooked tudung)
Somedays I had a big grin.
Showing all my rongak teeth xD

But during that time,
I never thought about my looks.
Everyone around seems nice
And happy.

Thats the joy of childhood lah.
We have no time to think about
Mistakes and we don't judge.
We just live.

Those people who are a part
Of my childhood.
And still are, today.

I might not able to see or talk to you everyday.
But I love all of you dearly.
<3 p="">

Azi Zatika

p/s: You are a part of my childhood that I treasure :)

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