Feb 1, 2012

I'm just being realistic..

Lagu Christina Perri
yang selalu bekumandang di kaca radio
"A thousand years"

for the first time I heard that song
I thought, not bad..
but after a few weeks
it became so typically mediocre..

semua video geli2 kat youtube nak letak background lagu tu..
yeah, geli2 I mean those videos
couples made
for their significant other
(who will surely breakup with her after a few months)
soooooo romantic~!

I think lah kan..
kalau video budak kena gelek lori
letak background song lagu tu
romantic jugak kan..

call me a love-hater,
i'm a realist..

I don't read crappy love stories
I'm allergic to meleis novel
and I don't watch those malay dramas
about 2 teenage student who hate each other so much
but then they are forced to get marry...
and fall in love
the plot is super UNPREDICTABLE!!
more COMPLICATED than The DaVinci Code!!

why I sound so snobbish eh?
no lah, these are just my opinion..
aku tak kisah pun orang lain suke amenda,
asalkan korg bahagie,
maju jaye selamat sejahtera..

akhir kate cegah lah kemungkaran dengan tangan, tutuplah mate sesape yang menonton filem2 crappy seperti twilight..


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