May 22, 2011


haritu, lepas habis last paper 13 May..
I wanna go back to my sis house on the 14th..
my elder sis smsed earlier before that..
she told me to come to my sis house in segambut
ada org paper nak datang..
at 11am katenye
and ada partayy my niece turns 3..

so that friday
earlier that week hayi ajak aku balik kl same..
biase lah, aku ni kan co-pilot yang berjaya..
i told him
i wanna go back early in the morning!!!!!
and he was like ok, just wake him up early lah...

then, bla3...
(takde mood nak bercerita)
i araiv segambut at 4pm


anyway thanks la dkat hayi
sebab bg aku tumpang
dgn ajai skali..

today the paper is out...
nice kan, ade dkat front page lagi~

sy nak cakap tahniah dekat akak sy sebab usaha die diberi penghargaan..
if i can do anything to help, just let me know..

then the other day i go out and return late..
tak dapat join my sis planking..
dah plan nak planking same2..

konklusinye.. nobodys gonna wait for you lah.. kthnksbai..

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