May 7, 2011

It's not what I didn't feel its what I didn't show..


tak single

FAQ: kenape azi takde bf da sejak...? dia ghey ke?

FAG: lol, i never knew the short term for 'Frequently Answered Given' will be FAG.. hahaha

hotak kau.
gay dosa lah.
meh sini aku nak cite..

just give it a lil thought..
if you are in a relationship with someone..
there are only 2 possible outcomes..
whether you breakup, or get marry.

or.. ada orang kate..

"ala, muda2 ni couple just for fun lah..
ol skool la ko, nak pikir kawin bagai.."

just for fun ke..

- u gonna spend lotsof money on your bf/gf (and if u breakup its just.. burnt toast coast to coast)

- u gonna waste lotsof time on the phone, arguing, bla3..

- u gonna lost your freedom dude! y do you think PRISON BREAK tu sampai season 5..? Nak tunjukkan betape berharga nye freeeeedom!!!

- u gonna like..okay this is for the baddy2 people out there.. u gonna like.. okay wont say it cause i dont do such thing and I believe all my readers didn't too :)

- u gonna.. dosa lah couple! (gilo! nnt klu korg tgk aku couple in the future, u can rub this on my face xD)

figure 3.1: couple peluk2 di bp mall
(gambar hiasan)

so, losing all this shits.. i just cant commit the same mistake :( yeah, call me ol skool or what.. i'm gonna save it all.. for the right man.. not now, for sure, i'm still young.. got many things to deal with oso.. math.. math.. y am i thinking bout that subject? -___-

okay wait maybe in..few years? rite now i'll just.. fool around i guess :p not committing to any relationships.. be friends with as many people as I could.. gain knowledge.. travel around the globe.. feed the poor.. eh, dah2 la tu.. -___-

figure 18: i nak duduk sini lah tunggu encik betul datang..

figure 73: encik betul akan datang ibarat sam tsui menunggang skuter

p/s: who says i dun wanna be in love? I am, rite now.. (refer to the title).. and as usual, I just gonna move on and let the feeling goes by... it will.. it will not? :'( yes it will.. no it wont.. nahh it will.. just kidding it wont.. it will!! ngeh..

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