Nov 7, 2011

Motivation but not really..


Hello everybadi
this is Wendy..
I love watching her in Youtube
or as she loves to call it "Youtubeland"

why do I love her?
other than her great tips and pairings,
she is also different from other youtubers..
very cheeerfull and funny and very fun to watch lah

I also read her blog..
so from what I read,
ok malas nak review, nak kopipes je :p

In addition to fashion, I’m also very passionate about juvenile justice. I grew up in foster care, carried my belongings in a trash bag and worried about being homeless at the age of 18. I worked three jobs in high school to save enough money to go to college and as a result feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to do so. I finished high school with honors, emancipated from the foster care system, and went to the University of California, Berkeley, where I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

she used to live a hard life u knowww..
but now look at her..
so successful meh

and kalau tengok her videos,
walauweh, sooo good one,
like so professionally, beautifully made..
that is because,
her boyfriend is a good cameraman
and photographer too..
i want, i want..
(not a boyfriend, but a photographer :p)

so konklusi nye lah kan...

1. kalau personaliti anda best, sure anda akan bejaye! takyah blaja roket science pun takpe. ok?
2. kalau idup tu susah, tak payah nak banyak komplen. usaha la lebih2. ok?
3. kalau nak jadi fashionista, tak payah la, nanti pakai2 dedah2, tambah dosa.. pakai duduk rumah takpe.. ok?
4. kalau nak cari partner tu, cari lah yang boleh memajukan diri anda, bukan menghancusskan mase depan anda.. ok?

ok sekian
semalam aku agak terpengaruh la kannn
tengok kasut die..
DIOR Cavaliere Boots

bersinar2 mate aku tengok
price: 350 USD..

then tengok2 dekat fb terjumpe..
a cheaper version of that..

rase2 lah kalau beli, aku pakai tak??


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