Oct 6, 2012

Dat vicious cycle xD

"I will definitely kill you in your sleep.."

So one day I got bored..
and I kinda get even bored kuasa dua opening my facebook news feed..
then I thought, why not GooglePlus??
so yeah, I opened my gugel+ account...

same old, same old..
still cengkerik as always..
I got 3 friends there, I think..
and a bunch of people I don't know..

but then
but then..
I found someone that made me went

he got everything I need..
(no, I do not mean a brand new KSR :p)
well yeah, he is an interesting person..
common interests, grammatically correct sentences..
like, definitely my type..
*pakai blusher sat..
sudah laaa

he probably has someone significant in his life
so please, dun bother looking for him..
blahhhh3... hahaha..

and this, kids, is the usual love story of mine..
it begins with a crush
(which sometimes lasts for years)
and ends when I found out he already had someone special in his life...
boooo me, there's not even a climax in my stories :/

I only get sad for like, you know.. 2 minutes max..

this is how I entertain myself..


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