Nov 24, 2012

Sonnet 206

By: ermahgerdddd willem shekshpere

I lap my bike veli mush..
He bring me here and there..
I used to marah him bekos he's hard to start..
but then I realized its my fault :p

soli bike, later i'll treat you ron 97..
bekos you behave so well and u are so comel..
you are so full of dirt bekos our lorong jalan sucks..
but issokay i'll send you to spa on monday :)

sometimes i get jeles bekos pipul always stare at you..
and they ask about u a lot..
aiyem veri lezi to answer..
they say u and me, no match, but wat do they know?

same like me, you are veli mysterious..
you dun has meter minyak so i dunno when to refill..
last time i fill you 4 linggit and we go back and forth to muo, plus another week in parit raje
so low mentenence ha you, thats y i lap you more..

I heard about my fren bike got pancit bekos she ride in magrib..
got supernatural bonceng on her bike one..
but with you, i no woli about that anymore..
bekos your seat ha, muat solang saje ma, mana mau hantu bonceng2 ma..


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