Jul 20, 2011

I'm bored..

Let see..
when I was in KL,
i thought to myself
everything is overrated and overpriced!

so you eat this frozen yogurt..
takde pun rase nak keluar sayap then beterbangan di angkasaraya sebab sedap sangat ke ape..
price to pay = RM20

i used to pay 20sen for a nice batang of ice-cream..
and rase nye takde lah beza mana pun
still rase ice-cream..

then tibe2 boring lah kan..
lets go watch a movie!
so you go queue up macam the longest snake dalam phone nokia
price to pay = RM10

did you realized?
you're paying RM10 to watch a movie
that they play over and over again everyday..
what a waste..
well, maybe i never know because i never pay for my movies :p
mwahahaha (evil laugh)

then you masuk some boutique
look at some shirts and stuff
a plain tee costs about 40-90 bucks..
jackets 350 above..
well this one i dun really care much la..
sometimes i do like to spend a lil bit for clothing
sebab boleh pakai lama..

but one thing, if you spent like hundreds for a baju
next year, baju tu dah off season da..
so takde makne lahh..
anyway, bile lah Dream Out Loud nak masuk market Malaysia..
tapi takpelah, kalau masuk pun harge nye melonjak2 keriangan..
lets just pindah oversea where things are cheaper :p

so on your way back
you saw a fancy kedai selipar
hmm interesting
then you look at the price tag = RM35
one pair of plain seliper jamban cost that much huh?
what, they can grow kepak and fly you to the moon?
no? so you bought them anyway?

meanwhile in Africa..

with RM20, you can buy a biiig kampit of beras and feed dozens of hungry kids..
with RM300, you can send a child to school so he can learn and maybe have a better future..

well these are just my thoughts.. aku takde pun halang sape2 nak makan eskrim 18juta ratus ringgit ke.. nak beli kasut jimmy choo 5 pasang ke.. tak salah pun nak berbelanja, bukan korang cucuk duit gune pin number aku pun kan.. lalala~

the message that i was trying to convey here actually is.. when you have lotsof money.. dun membazir on unnecessary things.. think of the unfortunate people.. or be like me, just dunk everything dalam ASB for the future.. hahahaha.. not..


K-Pop Boi said...

queue up macam the longest snake dalam phone nokia???

wasn't u da one who always snaking behind??
where's ur supa power VVIP access meh??

LOL!! xD

Pink girl said...

Hahaha.. that NOKIA snake is referring to YOU lah.. not me, ayem VViP one :p

K-Pop Boi said...

"well, maybe i never know because i never pay for my movies :p
mwahahaha (evil laugh)".

misssed this statement td..

maybe bcoz i was reading with one eye open td..
oke, u win.

Pink girl said...

Aiyoh you memang sepet k-pop boi -___- lalala~