Jul 21, 2011

A review : Nixoderm

Assalamualaikum tuan-tuan dan puan-puan :p
Well today I wanna talk about this magic thingy called nixoderm..
fyi, i got acne since i dunno when
yeah, is sad T-T

I've tried everything
Dermalogica, Clinique, Clean and Clear, Avene,
Oxy 5, Oxy 10, Oxy 18 (nosuchthing)
and I've tried medication, doxycycline
it costs a lot you know T-T

and these product,
some of them work like for 1 month
some of them show no difference
some of them made my face a lot worst :(
is sad.. T-T

then i found this thingy
after reading these impressive reviews

price to pay = RM4.40 for 5.3 gram
where to get = any pharmacy, Guardian, Watsons, i get it at AEON wellness..
ingredients =
Benzoic Acid (6.0%), Salicylic Acid (2.5%) and precipitated Sulphur (4.6%). Benzoic Acid is used primarily for treating fungal infections, while Salicylic Acid which is a Beta-Hydroxy Acid (BHA) is a known acne-fighting agent. Precipitated Sulphur purportedly also treats skin diseases including acne. (kopipes one..)
then here's what i gotta say

1. so cheap walauweh..
2. it works! enough said.
3. easy to apply, small container, can bring wherever u want
4. better than Oxy? hell yeah..
5. also work for whitehead, blackhead, gatal2.. so many function..
6. easily available

1. it burns for few minutes after u apply
2. so white lah the cream.. kenot go out with this thing on your face.. or else people call harian metro and you will become the headline: "hantu membayar bil letrik di pejabat pos"
3. a bit drying.. but not as drying as Oxy lah.. if you rajin moisturize, no problemo..
4. hard to remove ke? it can be removed by gently wiping your face with a tissue..
5. some people complain about the smell.. but to me, the smell doesn't really matter lo..

so that night during the Arsenal game.. I sleepover dekat rumah bujang Ecah.. and before we tido we chit chat a bit.. she asked me what acne cream did I used.. and I tell her lah, i just bought Nixoderm yesterday, so far so good.. and she was like.. "ooooh, I've been using it since da lame dah! memang lambat abis bende tu kan" hahaha.. patutlah echa takde jerawut.. tapi ecah tu memang muka dah cantik bersih pun sejak azali.. kui3..

and I recommend this product to anyone with acne problem..
disclaimer: this post is not sponsored, I buy everything with my own money coming out from the atm using my pin number ****** :p

oklah my hands hurt oredi because playing too much wii..
see ye later alligator :p


Update 23/11/2014

Hi guys, I don't use nixoderm anymore, as it became immune to me after some time.
And also I choose to opt for gentler products on my face :) 

Fyi, I have a new face regime which i've practiced for more than 3 months now and Alhamdulillah, my face is now acne free.. 

To know more about it, visit my latest post (i'll update it soon).
Stay safe, bye2..


Anonymous said...

it won't come off ,, I tried wiping it off and nothing ,,, how can I remove it???

Azie said...

Hai anon,
Well, what I observed is, when my skin is oily, it came off pretty easily, I just wipe it with a tissue.

So I suggest you add a little oil
(maybe baby/olive oil or makeup remover) to rub it off easily..

But of course, be gentle on your skin ^-^