Aug 13, 2012

Game of Thrones

50% epicness 30% pronzie xD
100% awesome..

doesn't matter, its the storyline yang amat2
interesting and unpredictable

I got goosebumps during every episodes opening theme
It is so compelling, I think I got pimples watching em'
so stressful yet I cant stop watching

tips: never watch it with your parents... xD

map updates:

my random thoughts:

"How do those men get so tough back then, never seen them workout whatsoever.. and they don't even have protein shake, the eat horse!"

"I want a direwolf too!! T-T how cool are they"

"Jon Snow, y u wanna stay at the wall????"

"Joffrey, everyone hates you. Kthnxbai"

"Theon Greyjoy is Alfie Allen, adik Lily Allen, and I used to listen to her song Alfie, wondering who his little bro is.. @.@"

this 2 are mai peberet character. tapi jon lagi suci la. tapi tak jamin sampe bile la :p

nao back to reality!


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